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PHP & MySQL Programming

Effective web site design today requires programming skills. The rapid evolvement of the web has raised the bar on web site design now more accurately termed web site development. We have extensive, in-depth experience with all versions of PHP.

Olympic Web Design is a family owned and operated full service web development company. With more than twenty years of design and development experience, we are able to offer you an effective, fully interactive site.

SQL Database Programming

The use of a database-enabled web site has become the norm. We have extensive experience in database design and development. Having worked with MS SQL Server, MySQL, mSQL, CA-Ingres, Informix and Sybase in past projects enables us to rapidly apply this experience to your project.

Content Management Systems – WordPress & Drupal

One of the most common content management systems (CMS) in use today is WordPress. WordPress started out as a tool used primarily to allow bloggers to easily post content. WordPress has since grown into a mature, easy to use CMS that allows the end client to maintain their own website, if they so choose. We have built a large number of sites with WordPress and find it to be an effective tool for many clients.

Drupal, like WordPress, is an open source CMS. Drupal has a large following and is often used with larger organizations or those that have a more complex review process for site changes. We have experience implementing and maintaining sites built with Drupal.

E-commerce Online Storefronts

We have extensive experience with E-commerce.  Whether you need a custom developed storefront or would like to integrate an off the shelf solution, we can help.  We are a Miva Merchant certified developer and have experience with many common storefront solutions including but not limited to WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, X-Cart, ZenCart, OSCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, PayPal and AmeriCart.

Site Maintenance

We offer site maintenance services.  We not only build websites, we maintain them.  We can also maintain your site even if it was built by another developer.  Our maintenance service is cost effective and very popular.  Be sure to contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help maintain your site.

Server Side Scripting (PHP & ASP)

To some the title of server side scripting may not mean much. This is a term used to describe web pages which include embedded scripting. The ability to embed server side scripting within a web page has enabled much more rapid development of database-enabled web sites. We commonly utilize PHP in the sites we develop. PHP allows us to architect your site in a way that allows for reusable components which translates into lower maintenance costs. For example, we design sites such that a change to a common component such as the site footer only needs to be made in one place rather than on each page.

We commonly use PHP along with a MySQL database to quickly and affordably build complex, interactive, database enabled web sites. Using open source technology has tremendous pricing advantages for YOU without sacrificing quality.

CGI Programming

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) was one of the most common methods of developing and processing interactive forms through the 90’s. We have CGI programming experience in Perl, C and COBOL enabling us to maintain your legacy CGI applications.

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